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So you want to lose some weight? Get totally ripped and Burn off some serious calories? Well look no further… we have just the plan for you. A no-nonsense high-energy cardio and sculpting routine that’s guaranteed to boost your metabolism, melt fat, and blast calories whilst gaining a quality lean muscle. How? By making you strong, shredded and supersizing your muscles from head to toe.

Plus you don’t even need to think about how to do it, its all done for you. You will receive personalised nutrition and training plans with easy to follow supporting guides and reference information telling you exactly what to eat, which exercises to do, day by day, step by step. Just do what we say and your body will gradually start to transform, getting more shredded, abs coming through and gaining more muscle every day.

Plus you can take your plans everywhere with you they are all accessible on your phone, tablet and PC, and can also be printed of if you wish. This pack comes complete with a bundle of features and benefits, see below for full details.

Be warned, you may have to shell out for a new wardrobe.


What Do You Get?



  • PERSONALISED TRAINING PLANS (Accessible through your App 24/7/365)
  • PERSONALISED NUTRITION PLANS (Accessible through your App 24/7/365)
  • Step by Step Guidance
  • App with Online Access to All Your Programmes
  • Micro and Macro Nutritional Breakdown Analysis
  • Track Your Progress Online
  • Virtual Diary and Planner
  • Supplement Advice
  • Suggested Prep Meal Providers
  • Feedback and Advice
  • 24 / 7 Email Support
  • Access to Membership Forum


  • FREE EBook worth £30 (specific to Pack)
  • Initial Assessment
  • Fitness & Previous Training Analysis
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Body Metrix Analysis



  • Full End of Programme Debrief


How does it Work?


At Jamtransformation we don’t not deal in cookie cutter diets or one-size-fits all training programs. Why? Well the answer is quite simple really… Everybody is unique and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Therefore all of our diet and training programs are specifically custom designed based strictly on the information provided by you, our client…

which in turns means you’ll get results far more quickly.


Upon initial sign-up you will be immediately directed to our comprehensive online questionnaire which shall enable us to conduct a full scale analysis of your body metrix, previous training history, current level of fitness and dietary habit.


From this initial consultation review, this information this will give us a clear picture of your specific goals, current health, nutritional history and lifestyle which will enable us to develop a program specific to your needs.


Your plans will be uploaded to your private members area located within the App within 3 working days of  completion.

Personalised Plans

After the pre-screening assessment, our planning team will assess your questionnaire to create your tailored plan in order to achieve to optimize results. Then any allergies, intolerance’s, existing training regimes are all get taken into account to produce the perfect plan for you. Let us take the guess work out and stop you wondering  if you are doing the right thing or not.


Our online training programs includes a full array of workout exercises and includes a guide with full breakdown of each day’s caloric intake and macronutrient split to reflect your unique body type, goals and the workout you will be doing each day in the pursuit of your own unique physical excellence.


We develop a fully personalised training programme for you encompassing every aspect of exercise science that will allow you to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time.


Every workout is planned out – right down to load weight, repetitions, and rest intervals. This way we can guide you, accurately predict your progress, and eliminate the need for any guesswork on your part.


With the combination of diet and training, we pull all the stops to supply you with a fully integrated diet and training plan, with the diet designed EXACTLY to support the training process and maximize results.


Receiving Your Plans

Within 3 Working days your personalised plans will be uploaded to your App private members area accessible from any device ( iPhone or Android device,  tablet, laptop or desktop PC).


The App has been designed to be clutter free, clean and very easy to use, and comes equipped with everything you needs to stay help achieve your goals, which include 3D animated exercise videos, private messaging to stay in touch with the coach, a forum and a feedback system so that your coach can see if your  are training too hard or too easy!


Depending on your package, we will review your workout logs and progress pictures and will supply feedback to make sure that each phase is accurate and on-track.


Once you’ve signed up to one of our plans, you’ll have full access to Jamtransformation panel of experts who are there to support you 24/7 – so just drop us an an email with questions about training or nutrition and we’ll be more than happy to help we will respond in a timely manner.


So give yourself a massive pat on the back…you’ve arrived. Based on length of your program all of your results and feedback, you will receive a report from your coach via email which will contains details your program results


When you combine this level of tailored nutrition, with my proven training method and our awesome support heroes, you cannot fail and you will achieve an amazing transformation.

I thank you and I look forward to supporting you with reaching your goals.

Eazy Now,

Mr Jam

  1. Been on shifts last 6 months so muscle tone had virtually dissapered. I started the 8 weeks program and it was immedeately apparent that this was making a difference so I upgraded to the 16 week. The results have far exceeded what I imagined in such a short time, and my fitness has also gone up. I can fully recommend this plan and going to continue the meal plans as I’m actuually enjoying the food!!

  2. Just got married in Cuba so needed to look good for the many many photos wife wanted. Good job I did this program cause lots of open shirt shots in the humidity and heat! Big thanks to Jam and the team for the awesome support for all my daft questions…:) I’ve had lots of great comments from friends, thanks again guys…will mail u the wedding photos, use em if you like…:) Dan

  3. Over the last 5 years I’ve been a member of 3 different gyms. I thought I could achieve my goal to have lean muscle just by training hard…how wrong I was. This programme has shown me training is only half the story and the importance of having great nutrition and smart eating to achieve my goals. Its a god send to have a tailored programme with such a knowledgeable backup team. My results are better and I have more energy and don’t feel continuously hungry like I have on other training plans. Looking forward to vacations like never before….forever grateful…Jeff Miller

  4. I’m loving the app…working away last week and can still get all my training plans on my phone. The bench routine was a bit light for me at first but the team changed it quickly as promised. Great routines and service allround, keep it up guys …Ethan

  5. Tried to loose fat around my stomach many times but been going about it the wrong way. After reading the pack nutrition guides I now realise I don’t need to starve myself which in fact has been part of the problem as I was losing muscle at the same time, the pack nutritional stuff explains the process of ketosis and correct eating. I’ve also been doing lots of binge eating. Its great to have someone tell me exactly what I need to eat and when, Mr JAM knows his stuff and all clearly laid out. My abs started to appear after 7 weeks and now starting to look well shreaded. Gonna keep these meal plans going all summer, I like the varied training plans too, the app is cool. I can model for you guys in future if you want….:)))

  6. I’ve had meal plans before but nothing like this quality, gr8 variety of food and varied…struggled with the training plans at first cause I’m only used to training twice a week but Jam give me a call and provided much needed motivation to up my game. Really down to earth guy with a wealth of knowledge. Seen a gradual change week on week but when I compared wk 12 and wk 1 photos the difference is huge. Thanks for the step by step direction buddy. Luke

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